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All Class Set Items Set Items

Technical Data

Class: All clasess

Set name: Egil's Vehemence

Set item names: Egill's shot of prudence, Egill's ring of destiny, Egill's adornment of piercing, Egill's band of speed

Number of pieces: 4

Available sockets: 3 (Note: to gain the full set bonus, the three sockets in the crossbow must be used to socket the 3 rings.)

Occupied equipment slots: Weapon slot, 3 ring slots (Note: when socketed for the full set bonus, only the weapon slot is occupied.)

Major resistances: none

Minor resistances: none

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to skills

Ranged Combat (as set bonus)

Bonus to attributes

Item modifiers

Chance for open wounds

Find additional potions

Chance to land a critical hit

Far sight


Chance to trap flying opponents

Increased light radius

Shock opponent

About the set

Egill's is the only X-bow set in the game. It's really flexible weapon as allmost every character type can make it usefull. Good examples are Gladiator, Wood-elf, Dark-elf, Daemon and Seraphim. Dwarf is the only who can't use bows at all. Best thing about the set is piercing effect as set bonus. You can get piercing effect just by holding the bow in weapon slot and socketing rings anywhere you like, this way you only loose Attack Speed bonus.

The set bonuses

Items needed Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Ranged Combat 2 +5 +6 +8 +10 +11
Chance to Land a Critical Hit 3 +6% +8% +10% +12% +14%
Projectiles Pass Through Enemy's Body 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attack speed 4 socketed +10 +13 +16 +20 +23

Special bonus

Piercing arrows effect as set bonus

Recommended pieces