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The Life Ring is a circular meter surrounding the feet of characters in combat. The percent of the ring colored represents the percent of the character's Health remaining at any time.

Additionally, enemies also display this ring with two extra features

First, the color of the ring represents the level, and potential danger, the enemy poses:

  • Gray - substantially below your character; gray enemies will usually ignore you if you ignore them
  • Green - Approximately at your character level; green enemies rarely present a significant threat
  • Orange - Slightly above your level; can be dangerous in large groups or when bosses are present
  • Red - Significantly above your character level; be extra cautious when amidst groups of red opponents

Second, the shape may indicate special enemy types:

  • Spikes indicate a champion type enemy – stronger and more dangerous than normal
  • Triangles indicate a "mini-boss' – substantially stringer than most