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Latest SacredWiki and Sacred Game News

Interview with Carolyn Hacker - Sacred Community Manager April 12th/08 Carolyn Hacker is the Ascaron Community Manager for the Sacred International Forum. Her work as manager is one that has kept her busy with numerous elements regarding the release of Sacred 2. While being one of Ascaron's representatives at Gaming Conventions in North America, she also moderates the English Sacred Forum, as well as Ascaron's newly launched community over at Team XBOX. Read more here.

New Sacred 2 Forum for Xbox April 11th/08 The new Sacred 2 Forum for Xbox has just opened up at Team Xbox. The new forum is moderated by Carolyn Hacker and will offer community support for Sacred 2's release on the Xbox. Read more here.

Sacred 2 Report from GDC 08 March 10th/08 A comprehensive new report on Sacred 2 from the GDC/08 in San Francisco. Carolyn Hacker writes in depth about a wide range of game elements from enemies, to quests to mounts. Pictures, and a movie showing the incredible detail Ascaron has painstakingly crafted which shows the interior of a dwelling through it's window. Read more here.

Sacred 2 Diary Contest February 25th/08 Write an entry in a diary belonging to one of the humans enslaved by the High Elves. Winning text may be included in Sacred 2, with a Sacred 2 T-shirt and copy of Sacred Gold being offered to the winner. Read more here.

Sacred 2 Fansite Kit Now Available! January 31st/08 Carolyn Hacker, International Community Manager from Ascaron has just announced the release of the Sacred 2 Fansite kit, chock full of goodies like artwork, renders and templates and much much more. Read more here.

New Sacred Underworld Interactive Map of Ancaria! January 17th/08 Leveraging google API and Maplibtechnology, it is the largest single map ever made of Sacred and the Underworld expansion pack. A project that was three months in the making, it has finally been released today on SacredWiki. The new map features ultra-high detailed scaling which allows the viewer to choose from between a bird's eye view of the world or to zoom in for revealing close-ups which will help a journeyer plan their next adventure in the realm. Read more here.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel New Mounts Section January 15th/08 Across Ancaria you will find many horse dealers. They offer all kinds of animals, from the simple crock up to a real war horse. You can equip a war horse with bridle, saddle and even a tabard cape. These special mount items can be typical items that you can pick-up (with attributes just like any other character item) and also as rare or unique items. Read more here.

Sacred Original Soundtrack Available for Download! December 31st/07 Carolyn Hacker, International Community Manager from Ascaron has just announced that the original soundtrack to Sacred, the action/rpg that has sold more than 1.6 million copies, has now been made available as a free download for the fans! Read more here.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Release Update December 25th/07 Due to it's many technical innovations, extensive testing, and game balancing, Ascaron has just announced that Fallen Angel will be released sometime in Fall 08. Read more here.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel High Elf December 18th/07 The High Elf has now finally made it to Sacred! Ascaron releases a new graphical header with screenshots, wallpaper, story, campaign info and... a 360° Turnaround-Shot of the High Elf, one of the six new characters to be featured in Sacred 2. Ascaron's style-switcher allows you to choose from one of 3 styles when reading up on the latest goodies being offered to viewers hungry for the latest details on Ascaron's much-awaited 3-D Action/RPG.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Christmas Calender-December 1st/07 Ascaron's Gift to You! Ascaron counts down the days till Christmas, each one marked by the release of a new Sacred 2 related goodie. Much like the classic advent calender that reveals a new surprise daily, Ascaron's Sacred 2 site now presents new wallpapers and images to celebrate the countdown to Sacred 2 Fallen Angel in late March 2007. You can find the Christmas Calendar on the Sacred 2 homepage. Just click the date to download the treat for that day.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Water Effects - November 22nd/07 A mind blowing example of the perfection Ascaron is attempting to create with water dynamics in the soon to be released Sacred 2. Ascaron's much-awaited 2008 release will feature a multitude of small touches like this that will add to an overall player's "feel" when playing this game while trying to create a seamless and immersing action/rpg experience.

Video and discussion can be seen here

Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel: Musical Support by Blind Guardian - November 5th/07 Ascaron announced another great step forward for Sacred 2 by announcing their collaboration with one of the leading power metal bands, Blind Guardian. The band will contribute to the game's soundtrack and will record a song to be released as a single the next year. The single will have its own videoclip featuring sequences from the game itself and the game will contain an unlockable video bonus of the band performing the song live. Read more...

New SacredWiki skin released-October 31st/07 SacredWiki releases a new default skin titled Ahil-Tar, in reference to this desert region in Sacred's Ancaria. The release was announced here, with a move away from a traditional white wiki skin, to the current Sacred style which uses a sandy colored background and an oasis-styled nav-bar, reflective of sand and water.

New Ancarian Messenger Newsletter-August 2nd/07 Ascaron releases a newsletter called the Ancarian Messenger chock full of exclusive goodies to all who sign up. Special treats such as:

  • Sacred 2 Exclusive gameplay videos
  • Sacred 2 Exclusive screenshots
  • The chance to enter competitions and win special Sacred 2 prizes
  • Access to secret places within Ancaria
  • Access to subscriber-only downloads

Register here to get your subscription.

SacredWiki Featured Article

Timers in Sacred are the all important clocks that regulate the strength of your attacks or any use of Combat Arts, by balancing it against how quickly you can regenerate the ability to cast the same Combat Art again. An excellent in-depth article regarding the explanation and use of the three timers in the game, which can be used creatively regarding your builds.

In Sacred did you know...

  • You can socket runes for important secondary effects that stack?
  • The more runes you read, the less that will drop as the game progresses?
  • You can defeat a group of Region Bosses if the kill counter reaches 999?
  • Ghost Meadow, if cast on another player, can reduce regeneration of their Combat Arts??
  • There is actually a unique axe that has 1 green socket?
  • The daemon is the only character who can't use the trading skill?
  • Skeleton skulls can be socketed into weapons and armor in Single Player Mode?
  • The Pure Water quest rewards you with a whiskey barrel that you can sell repeatedly?
  • Because seraphim CA's are mostly magic based, they make excellent undead killers?
  • Everytime you load up the Sacred game a new random Silly Message will appear?
  • Cataract of Agility will actually increase the Battle Mage's casting speed?
  • Mounts (Horses) in Sacred are another way of adding more healthpoints to your character?
  • While the Dwarf cannot use a horse, he can run up to a speed of 260?
  • The Vampiress can raise one of her freshly killed dragons to fight for her?

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