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desadre1.png The Dark Elf concentrates in order to increase his defense values for a while by releasing this powerful hormone throughout his body.


Stats and Formulae

  • The regeneration formula can be found at Regeneration Formulae.
  • Duration = 30 + (Rune Level - 1)
  • Defense bonus = 50% + 20%*(Rune Level - 1)
  • Physical regeneration bonus = 25% + 5%*(Rune Level - 1)

Usage Strategies

Cast it before going in a battle, it will raise the defense of your Dark Elf.

Pros and Cons


  • Very long duration. Will top out at maximum level from runes read and, with equipped items used to raise this Combat Art, will go well over the four minute mark.
  • The Defense (+20% per Rune Level) and Physical regeneration (+5% per Rune Level) bonuses increase linearly.


  • The highest regeneration level time (12) from the traps.