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assault.png A combination attack consisting of blows, kicks and head butts. Musket: Several shots fired in succession. The target is automatically switched if the opponent dies. This discipline is similar to the Attack combat art of other characters. It can be executed using any weapon, though it is most devastating when the Dwarf is unarmed, or using combat gauntlets

Usage Strategies

Assault functions like the Attack CA for the other characters. The main difference is when the Dwarf is wielding daggers or unarmed combat weapons (Combat Gauntlets & weapons affected by Blade Combat), he then get's 9 hits (8 + 1 kick). When using a gun, the shots are fired very quickly, such that you would need to keep Assault fairly low level if you want to spam it. Also, the Dwarf will wait for a little time before performing any other action, so you may have to move him to get him to attack again.

Pros and Cons


  • Very high rate of fire when used with guns


  • Slight delay/pause after use

Stats Chart

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