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awakendead.png Transforms a body into an allied vampire. The allied Vampire will then assist the vampiress in attacking anything she targets. If one of these vampires manages to defeat an opponent, then there is a chance that the opponent defeated will change into a vampire itself. substantial numbers of these vampires can be obtained via use of this method. The awakened vampires will last until the Vampiress changes back into her knight form.

Usage Strategies

  • Use AD to create zombies to assist you in killing enemies.
  • Use a high level of AD to create zombies much more powerful than the enemies they face. the zombies can then kill the enemies for you.
  • Use previously raised zombies to "convert" other enemies into zombies by allowing the zombies to kill your enemy, increasing the number of zombies you command.
  • You can also use zombies to prevent enemies from reaching your character by using them to intercept incoming enemies.
  • Combine with Wolf Call to create two wolf companions.
    • simply summon a wolf, wait for the CA timer to regenerate, and then summon another wolf. the first will die, and then use animate dead on it

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • Provides additional sources of damage against targeted foes
    • Zombies are useful at stopping enemies from reaching and attacking you
    • The zombies can be instructed to attack enemies in groups, and will not lure the rest of the group to you
  • Cons
    • Zombies cannot use any spells or combat arts that their alive counterparts may have.
    • If you raise the level of AD too high, you will only recieve 1xp from enemies killed by the zombies.

Stats Chart