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The Daemon hurls a flaming disc that circles opponents, hindering and damaging them. If no living enemies are in range, the disc returns to the Daemon and attacks again when an enemy approaches. You can maintain multiple burning discs at the same time, depending on whether your play style is of using a few very powerful discs or many weaker ones. The discs produce both physical damage and fire damage (More fire than physical) and will last a maximum of 90 seconds per disc. When the spell is activated, a loud hissing noise will ensue, with a fiery disc composed of a glowing sphere and rotating star, which then floats upwards out of the daemon's body to float above her head. When the Daemon moves, the discs will follow behind her while leaving fiery contrails in their wake.


Usage Strategies

  • Create a combo of 4 Discs in a row, after which you may regenerate the combo instantly with one yellow potion.
  • Use Infernal Power to greatly augment the damage of the Blazing Discs.
  • Call of Death works well with Discs, as the discs attack one monster at a time, then move onto the next resulting in escalating damage while the Call of Death timer is active.
  • There is no need to lead the Discs directly up to an enemy with the Daemon in the front. Standing a moderate distance away will still have the discs home in on an enemy while the Daemon stands at a safe distance.
  • When attacking two (or more) monsters, the Discs will alternate between attacking both & fly between them after doing damage to each monster.

Pros and Cons


  • The casting time for Blazing Discs is very fast.
  • Damage scales upwards quickly.
  • Will home in quickly upon enemies and will surround and keep attacking until they are dead.
  • Excellent for killing bosses and good for mob control.
  • Can be cast from a horse or even while the Daemon is flying.
  • No need to aim, the discs will automatically target an enemy and since they are a spell, their damage never misses.


  • Short duration time of only 60 seconds per disc results in the need to continuously re-cast the spell, once per disc.
  • The Discs can get caught easily upon corners or within caves, making it easy to lose them.
  • The Discs travel slowly. If riding upon a fast horse, the discs will soon fall behind.

Damage Type(s): Physical, Fire

Blazing Disc lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Damage (physical/fire) 66
Duration 25s 60s 60s 60s 60s