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sco.png The Seraphim's conversion spell makes an opponent change sides. When casting this spell, she will say the word "peace" in a loud, creepy, croaking tone of voice, with a successful cast of Conversion resulting in a small halo above the enemy's head. The converted opponent attacks their own allies, but the Seraphim and her allies cannot attack the converted creature. The converted will attack nearby monsters, and then run from them. And in so doing, take 2 monsters out of the mob at a time. That is: convert one... move away... and 2 monsters focus on each other. If your converted monster survives the conversion timer, it will revert to an almost regular monster who's aggression setting has been changed to non-aggressive. You can walk directly into the monster's life circle and it won't attack you. However, if you hurt it, it will again be aggressive and attack, requiring the casting of conversion upon it once again. Combat Art level must be at least 1/6 of the foes level to work. This CA will only work against normal foes.

Usage Strategies

  • Useful for minimal mob control. Convert one and when it attacks another foe, it starts to kill your converted foe friend and runs after it.
  • A fast way to disable archers firing at you or mages that uses different ways to tie you down (like plant cage).
  • Can be used to seperate a Shaddar Rim from his horse. If cast upon a Shaddar Rim whilst astride their horse, they will begin attacking the horse. If you kill a Shaddar Rim upon a horse while the horse is converted, they will both die if the Shaddar Rim dies.

Pros and Cons


  • Does not require many runes to use efficiently.
  • Useful against ranged foes and mages.


  • Does not work against champions or chiefs.
  • Long regeneration time on lower levels and short duration time.
  • Duration grows only 1 second per level of run read or socketed.
  • Converted mages and shamans can still cast/create foes. The new creations are not affected by conversion even though the creator is under your spell.
  • Converted foes fight like NPC's or just stand still and run away even before they are in danger.