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sebo.png The Seraphim will fire glistening flashes of energy from a mystical weapon of her ancestors for a brief period. The bolts are very fast and make high-tech, laser-like noises while firing. The bolts consist of twin rays of light that will only reach approximately one half of the screen. Their fast speed allows them to manifest damage on ranged targets very quickly, while aiming is not as easy to do. The blasts damage is composed of physical damage and magical damage, with slightly more magical damage. Physical 11/Magical 14, at first level of rune read. Energy Bolts damage can be amplified by mental regeneration and wielding weapons that give +% to magical damage. Ebolts damage is calculated at time of casting, changing weapon slots after the Combat Art has been activated will not affect the damage of the Energy Bolts. The maximum duration of this spell is 90 seconds.

Usage Strategies

  • Cast Energy Bolts from a weapon slot with rings socketed with this Combat Art to raise the level at which the spell is cast.
  • Always attack from a distance.
  • Using Critical or Wounds Increase Damage Dealt are excellent ways of amplifying the damage.
  • If attacking a target at range, hold down the Shift key while attacking, as this will allow you to lead the target & aim for where it will be, rather than where it is.
  • Can be cast from a weapon slot with +All Spells or +EBolts, to increase the level of the spell. However, this will only affect the first bolt of each pair.

Pros and Cons


  • Ranged damage can take out bosses easily from a distance.
  • High rate of fire, combined with decent damage. 52 at first level of rune read.
  • Very quick to cast.


  • Cannot be used from horseback.
  • While it is a ranged spell, it can only reach about half of the screen before fading out.
  • Once the Energy Bolts has been cast you cannot use any of your other weapon slots.
  • Can be difficult to control the regeneration of this spell so that your casting time will always be less than duration.
  • Not good for taking out mobs, as the Energy Bolts can only damage one enemy at a time, and adjusting aim can be difficult to do when monsters are bearing down upon you and you cannot use any of your other weapon slots.