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entrench.png The Dwarf digs in deep, thus increasing his defensive values such as resistances and defence. On the other hand, he cannot move - and will only remain entrenched for a short while. This very powerful - but short-term - action boosts resistances to all kinds of damage, and adds to the Dwarf's defense rating. However, he is unable to move while Entrench is active. Entrench is a very powerful buff that is useful when being breathed on by a dragon, or when in dire peril surrounded by superior foes. Because the Dwarf can't move while this is active, it is wise to use cannon weapons such as Cannon Blast, Mortar Grenade or Flame Thrower against enemies; or, use a musket or pistol against them. Use your Entrenched time wisely...don't just sit there, keep on smacking 'em!

Usage Strategies

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Pros and Cons


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Resistance Type(s): Physical, Fire, Magic, Poison

Stats Chart

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