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Quick Walkthrough

Talk to Jakob Noxtrax to start this quest.

Escort him to the west side of the bridge just outside of Porto Vallum.

Both Jakob and his bodyguard have to survive in order to successfully complete this quest and collect the full reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Jakob Noxtrax to start this quest. He will ask you to escort his bodyguard and himself to the west side of the bridge outside of Porto Vallum.


There are at least two ways to complete this quest. One is to try to escort them directly to Porto Vallum on the road between Silver Creek and Porto Vallum.

Because there are so many enemies to fight on the way, I almost always fail this quest with this method.

My prefered path is to travel to Porto Vallum befire beginning this quest. I activate the gate there, teleport back to Bellevue, walk/ride to Silver Creek, and then pick up the quest by talking to Jakob Noxtrax.

After I pick up the two who need to be escorted, I head back to Bellevue, go through the gate to Porto Vallum. I then run to the west side of that bridge to complete the quest. I almost always succeed in this quest using this path.


Logbook Entry

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Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair