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fireball.png This spell conjures the classical fireball, which bursts from the hands of the Battle Mage and causes fire damage to the opponent.

Usage Strategies

Best used at a distance so as to allow you the chance to fireball your enemy several times before the enemy gets close enough to hit you. This is a fire and magic damage spell so you'll want to focus on increasing fire and magic damage. The Fireball's effectiveness is greatly enhanced by the Byleth's Fervent Furor set. Although not all of the set pieces will boost Fireball the set combined will give the final set bonus of Burning Bone which works excellently with the Fireball spell.

Pros and Cons


  • At level 20+ the travel speed is quite fast
  • Can hit multiple targets via "splash damage" if the targets are very close together
  • Can manifest multiple fireballs on the screen at once if the spell's regeneration is fast enough.
  • Excellent range. Can be used to "sharpshoot" enemies from a distance.


  • While this Combat Art does have some "splash" damage it is quite minimal and therefore not a good mob control spell. Fire Spiral is better.

Stats Chart

Damage Fire and Magic