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greed.png The Dwarf’s attention strays from the fight and thus, from his defense. Chances finding valuable objects the opponent is carrying are increased. Greed increases the chance for the Dwarf to find special items from dead foes. It also has the effect of lowering his defense rating in combat. Use with caution: the higher the Greed level, the greater the chance to find special items, and the lower your defense will be!

Usage Strategies

This is a buff which affects only the Dwarf, cannot be shared, for a certain amount of time. Cast it before battle to improve quality of drops from enemies and increase your chance to find Uniques and Set Items

Pros and Cons


  • You max its level at lvl 1 and have amazing drops.


  • Only lasts a maximum of 60 seconds thus the need for frequent re-casting.
  • Substantially reduces defence, though this can be significantly mitigated by putting points into the skill Parry.

Stats Chart

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