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slst.png The Seraphim conjures lightning which strikes at the opponent and inflicts damage. This Combat Art can be cast quickly by the seraphim upon any enemy seen on the screen, even those out of line of sight. When cast, a purple bolt will shoot down from the sky accompanied by the sound of lightning. Lightning's damage is half physical damage and half magical damage. It's large damage can only hit one monster at a time, but is quick to recast, with a low regeneration.

Usage Strategies

  • It can be used in a Combo of four lightning strikes, useful to weaken enemies.
  • It's mix of magic and physical give it some flexibility in targets it can manifest damage against.
  • Useful for picking off archers from a distance, and monsters hiding behind obstacles.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Can hit an enemy anywhere on the screen, even behind obstacles.
  • Very high damage per bolt, one rune read will cause 65 points of damage before resistance.
  • Very low regeneration per cast.
  • Cons
  • Only one bolt at a time before regenerating again...not useful at all for controlling mobs.