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A Merchant.


Merchants usually wear a distinctive blue suit.

A Merchant is a special NPC found in almost all towns in Sacred:Ancaria. A merchant is normally clearly distinguished by the blue uniform he wears, and also by the pot of gold symbol that appears over his head. Some larger communities may have more than one merchant, while smaller towns or abandoned ruins have none. Merchants are depicted on the large map by a bag of gold symbol, and up close by the same symbol over their head.

You interact with a merchant by clicking your mouse when, after moving the cursor over his (or her) image, the mouse cursor has become a pot of gold symbol as well.

Once you have done this, the merchant's inventory, and your inventory both appear in a special window on screen. The merchant has three inventory sets, Weapons, Armor and Miscellaneous Items, which are primarily potions, rings and amulets. If you have sold runes or scrolls to the merchant, they will remain in the Miscellanous Items inventory until his merchandise selection is changed. You can switch between these three panes as you wish; the merchandise displayed will not change, however. It may shuffle around, but the selections will stay the same.

Merchant Interaction

From the merchant window, you can perform two functions. You can Buy items from the merchant, or Sell items to her. He will always charge more for an item than he will pay for it, so if you mistakenly sell something, it will cost extra to buy it back – if you can. Be careful!

Selling Items

The safer method for selling items to the merchant is to click the mouse on an item while it is in your backpack. A confirmation window will open asking "Sell this?" and specifying the price the merchant will pay. You have the opportunity to change you mind and say NO. The faster method is to right click the item. It immediately transfers to the merchant inventory and you receive payment. Normally, the item will be visible in the merchant's inventory for repurchase, should you suffer seller's remorse. If, however, the merchant inventory is too full, and the item will not fit, then it is lost. Similarly, Unique Items are not retained by the merchant for resale. On the other hand, Set Items are retained.

Buying Items

You have the same two options for purchase: Click the item in the merchant's inventory, and you will be asked if you want to buy it. Right-click, and the transaction takes place immediately.

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