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mortargrenade.png Fires mortar grenades in a ballistic trajectory. These cause tremendous large-scale damage. Due to the minimum range of grenades, these cannot be used for short distances. The Dwarf fires an artillery shell from his cannon that ignores obstacles on the screen. This shot may be placed virtually anywhere on a screen. The shell targets a location, rather than an enemy: therefore, the successful Dwarf learns how to "lead" moving targets. Nothing is more frustrating than to fire mortar after mortar, continually missing that group of clueless juicy targets! Learn how to "lead" them - or, if you prefer, anticipate their movements - and your Mortar Grenade will dutifully blow them to smithereens. The Mortar Grenade lands and explodes on the ground, damaging all targets in the radius of effect equally (unlike Cannon Blast). The ability of the Mortar round to ignore obstacles makes this cannon weapon form extremely handy in combat. Damage Types: Physical and Fire.

Usage Strategies

Anyway you like. Use it against single enemies or mobs anywhere on screen. Mortar Grenade damages all monsters within a small radius of the impact/explosion. Although it has a minimum range, the area of effect will still damage monsters in melee range of your Dwarf.

Pros and Cons


  • Can hit anywhere on screen
  • Significant damage done
  • Area of effect damage


  • There is an occasional graphical bug with this animation and can be a nuisance.

Damage Type(s): Physical, Fire

Stats Chart

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