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Quick Walkthrough

1. Talk to the hologram

2. Go find Romata

3. Talk to Romata to complete this quest and begin the next one.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to the hologram.


She will tell you your powers are waning and that you need to help the humans in order to find Anducar and get revenge. She will send you into Bellevue to find Romata


You will find Romata on the other side of the bridge on a small island that contains the guard outpost and the portal gate as well as a small 2 way portal. He is standing just outside a large house.


Talk to Romata to complete this quest, start the next quest and obtain the reward. He gives you enough money to buy a horse. I always use that for armor and health potions, but that is just me.


Logbook Entry

th_NewWorlds1.jpg th_shot0009.jpg


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair