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  • Quest Giver:
  • Location(s): Mascarell ,
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest:
  • Reward:

Quick Walkthrough

This quest starts in the market of East Mascarell, but only if you have a horse. A man called the "fast messenger" asks you to deliver some goods to Porto Draco. There's a time limit, so be fast or the quest will fail. Once you has delivered the goods, you have to run to Florentina with another delivery. This time you will get some mail to Porto Vallum. The courier from Porto Vallum give you another delivery, and your destination is Urkenburgh. Here you will get your last task: you'll need to hurry up and get to Ahil-Tar, where you'll have to give some eggs to a magician standing in the main plaza.

Detailed Walkthrough

Logbook Entry


If you are a Dwarf or are too poor to afford a horse, buy a weapon+shield combo where both of the items upgrade your speed and hold them out. Also, buy some armor, rings, etc (it can be temporary) that boost speed and wear those.

Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair