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purgatory.png The Battle Mage conjures a blazing conflagration, which will singe all opponents touching it. This spell is very effective against a large group of slow opponents because the flame will always pursue the opponent closest to it. If there are no opponents, the flame will follow the Battle Mage without causing him any harm.

Usage Strategies

An excellent spell for dealing with archers. The only monster that's slow enough for Purgatory to keep up are Zombies/Liches, everything else is too fast & will be able to get out of Purgatory's area of effect sooner or later.

Pros and Cons


  • Regeneration time is relatively low
  • Can hit multiple targets at once
  • As they follow the Battle Mage, the Pillars can be lead along a path and, in this way, directed.
  • As they always arrive at the placement of the Battle Mage they will center upon and shield him.


  • Slow moving

Stats Chart

Purgatory lvl 1 10 25 50 100 150 200
Duration 25s 25s 25s 25s 25s 25s 25s
Damage Fire and Magic 2:1 ratio