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th_gsju.png A powerful jump. The ground shakes upon impact, nearby opponents take damage and are briefly stunned.

Usage Strategies


Pros and Cons


  • Will produce a very useful stunning effect upon targeted monster , which will often keep them completely immobile, while attempting to kill that foe.
  • Works against almost all types of monsters.
  • Traveling, while using stomping jump, is faster than walking/running if regeneration time is slow.
  • Useful way to get over small rivers and other obstacles.


  • All pros are added on Underworld, and therefore do not apply on original Sacred or Sacred Plus.
  • In party, (from time to time) your Stomping Jump can stun other party member(s) near the target for some time.
  • Some players have reported Stomping Jump as causing drops to turn worse. This is just a rumor which may or may not be true.
  • When two players are present on the casters screen, Stomping Jump will quite often stun the caster after casting.

Stats Chart

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