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ssofa.png Strength of Faith increases the attack values of the Seraphim or the targeted ally. The Spell, after it has been cast, will manifest glowing runes upon the body of the seraphim which can be used to indicate whether the Buff is in effect or not. Landing successful blows turns your seraphim into a killing machine, and more successful blows means more damage put out over the course of a defined period of time which translates into faster killing speeds. A seraphim during early stages may miss about half of her attacks with them all missing. As a seraphim ia s natural hybrid, using SOF (strength of faith) increases the chance you have of every single one your strikes hitting while your magical attacks are in force. For builds that use mostly melee attacks like Attack, Combat Jump, and Hard Hit, this Spell is invaluable.

Usage Strategies

  • Cast strengh of faith from a weapon slot that has weapons with a high level of strength of faith on them via item abilities or socketed rings. This way a seraphim can switch to the SOF casting slot, cast a high leveled SOF, and then switch back to a melee slot, which would have the SOF regenerating at a much faster rate...the rate set by the weapons in the melee slot. As well, more successfully landed hits, result in more life leech, thereby your ability to preserve health points.


  • Higher damage output via more successfully landed blows.
  • Increases your life leech by achieving more successful hits
  • It can be cast on any other members of your party, thereby increasing their chance to hit...useful for a battlemage in your party.
  • Long buff time, max of 120 seconds.


  • The Buff can run out when you don't expect it to, leaving your seraphim with a series of missed attacks, resulting in a huge decrease in damage in the middle of a battle, as well as the reduction in life leech.
  • Must always be recast.