Sacred:The Camp of the Undead

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  • Quest Giver: Orc gate-keeper
  • Location(s): Khorad-Nur
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Permission to get inside the city

Quick Walkthrough

  • The quest starts with the orcish guardian of Khorad-Nur.
  • He will say:
"Halt Human! Khorad-Nur is closed to you. Destroy the horde of undead to the south or fight with me. However, if you stand up to the undead, you will be welcomed as a friend 
within the walls of Khorad-Nur. But be warned, the undead are led by a dragon. Are you fighting for us, or are you going to insult me by refusing?"
  • If you accept, you have to go south for some time
  • You will encounter a huge group of undead.
  • Kill them, then fight with D'cay, the undead dragon.
  • After you have killed him, you have to return to the guardian.
  • Talk with him and you'll be able to get inside the city, where there are a blacksmith, a combo master and a merchant.
  • If you reject, the guardian will attack you. When you kill him he drops a key that allows you to open the city's door.

Detailed Walkthrough

Logbook Entry

th_campoftheundead.jpg th_campoftheundead2.jpg th_campoftheundead3.jpg


  • This Quest can be done only in SinglePlayer.
  • If you reject the quest, the Blacksmith, the Merchant, the Horse Dealer and the Combo Master will all attack you.
  • If you reject, you'll need to fight againist the Shamans.
  • I recommend you so much to accept the quest !!!

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