Sacred:The Gypsy Camp

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  • Quest Giver: Drusa the Restless
  • Location(s): on the road southeast of Crow's Rock Castle
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest: none
  • Reward: XP and two Runes

Quick Walkthrough

you meet a gypsy south of Crow's Rock Castle. She begs of you to aid her family who are under attack from DeMordreyan Soldiers. You go to this camp and kill these soldiers. She thanks you for dealing with them and begs you not to tell anyone that they are there. The quest is complete and you receive XP and two runes

Detailed Walkthrough

On the road leading to Crow's Rock Castle, you meet Drusa the Restless and she begs you to follow her so you can put an end to the slaughter of her family by DeMordrey soldiers. you agree and head south down a small forest path. you enter a meadow in the middle and find a group of DeMordreyan Soldiers that you must kill. After you have done so, Drusa praises you and gives you the gratitude of an honest gypsy. The quest is complete and you receive XP and two runes.

Logbook Entry


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair