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Quick Walkthrough

Go to the ruined cabin. Enter the cabin and pick up the medicine bag. Return to Porto Vallum and give the medicine bag to Luisa Dimaria

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Luisa Dimaria in order to start this quest. You will find her standing outside of her house near the rug that is the stall for the Hidden Merchant. She will ask you to retrieve her medicine bag.


You will find the medicine bag on the floor inside this ruined cabin.



Return the medicine bag to Luisa Dimaria in order to complete this quest and get the reward.


Logbook Entry

th_medicinebagL1.jpg th_medicinebagL2.jpg th_medicinebagL3.jpg


  • It is convenient to complete both this quest and the Cattle Rustlers because you need to go to the same location to complete them.

Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair