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The Modern Seraphim

The Elves, proudest of the gods' creations, found themselves confronting their power-hungry brothers and sisters of darkness. But the Dark Elves had an advantage; they had taken possession of the five Element stones, which they were now using to decimate the people of the noble ones, spilling their blood and bringing fire and sickness. The gods sent their Seraphim army to put an end to the slaughter. The Priestesses of the matriarchy of the Dark Elves slew the Seraphim in great numbers, so that in the end only a few of the warriors remained. Then salvation came in the form of the Dwarves from Gnarlingen, which would later become known as the Dwarf Fortress of Gnarlstat. These proud warriors cut great swathes through Dark Elves with their broad axes, driving them into retreat. The few surviving Seraphim managed to find and save three of the five Element stones and bring them to safety. But they themselves were defeated and no longer an army, but merely a small band of Guardians of the Light who now turned their thoughts to their divine origins and became ever-more determined to dedicate themselves henceforth to the service of Goodness...

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