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The Seraphim Army

The Demon Princes brought chaos into the gods' creation and showed the Wizards of Darkness how to open the Portals of Hell using the blood of innocents, opening the way for the hordes of the demon brood to sweep into the world. The ensuing battles lasted for whole eons and the gods were pushed ever further back, whilst the Worldstone was under threat of being taken by the demons. Then the war goddess Sophia stepped into the fray, sacrificing herself by facing up to Worganar, the mightiest of the Demon Princes, and was slain by him. But as Worganar triumphed in his belief that he now had the Worldstone in his grasp, divine warriors — the Seraphim — arose from the blood of the goddess. Using their divine powers, the Seraphim destroyed Worganar and his followers and drove the demons back into Hell. Then, as peace finally seemed to be returning, the Seraphim were called upon to protect the Worldstone, which they divided into five parts and concealed the parts in the four corners of the world. But, because of their divine power and their superiority in warfare, the Seraphim became arrogant and presumptuous and in their exaggerated self-assurance they forgot to protect the five pieces of the Worldstone — the Element stones, which were found and stolen by power-hungry elves, the Dark Elves...

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