Sacred:Wolf's Eyes

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  • Quest Giver: Victor Homa
  • Location(s): Bellevue
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest: none
  • Reward: random experience, gold and/or loot

Quick Walkthrough

Speak with Victor Homa in the town of Bellevue to begin the quest.

Head east-southeastward until you find the wargh and defeat it.

Return to Victor Homa to collect your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

To begin this quest, you must speak with Victor Homa, who is located in the town of Bellevue:


This rabid wolf leader can be found by heading east-southeastward from Victor, as shown here:


You'll discover that the target isn't simply a rabid wolf, but an evil Wargh boss, Shari-ahil from Zhurag-Nur. You'll have to defeat several wolves to get to him, and he has a couple of wolf companions guarding him as well:


Once he's defeated, return to Victor Homa to collect your reward.


Logbook Entry


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