Sacred 2:Anzu's Shattered Wings

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Item Tips and Info

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Set: Disgraced Gods

Item Modifiers


  • Anzû is a divine storm-bird in Akkadian mythology, the son of the bird goddess Siris. Anzû was a servant of the chief sky god Enlil, from whom Anzû stole the Tablet of Destinies, hoping to determine the fate of all things. With the Tablet of Destinies, anything he put into words becomes reality. He hid the Tablets on a mountaintop and at this point he became known as a demon or monster. Depending on the tale, either Lugalbanda, Ninurta, or Marduk himself are sent to retrieve the Tablets. No matter which hero is sent, Anzû's wings are broken by use of a net and he is slain by a barrage of arrows.