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The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 1

5. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 3 fingers

Purchased an ancient book from an adventurer at the market this morning. He claims to have found the volume buried under a mound of rubble in a remote cave and demanded 20 gold coins for his prize. We bargained and I forced him down to 18. This seemed a fair price to me

The book – and old manuscript with lots of text and some magical symbols – seems most interesting. At first glance, I believe it to be of Ethurian origin, but I am not quite certain. The bulk of the text seems to be written in some type of code. I shall try to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

Bad heartburn from the chicken in pineapple sauce that Cookie served at midday.

Note: Tell Cookie – no more pineapple sauce!

8. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 8 fingers

A bad day. Cookie is ill. I have to run out of clean goblets – and plates, for that matter! It looks as though I shall have to wash the dishes myself! How I disdain such profane drudgery! The book is very promising. I had to remove several security runes in order to see the entire text. Unfortunately, it remains encrypted – I had hoped that removing the runes would reveal the clear text. I have received a letter from the academy in Thylysium requesting payment of my annual membership fees. Those decrepit leeches!

Note: Have opened last bottle of Elven red wine!

9. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Cookie is still bedridden. I have washed the dishes. Have not had time to work on book.

Note: When washing dishes – do not use spells, wands or other magical means to heat water! Note: Need new burn cream!

12. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 1 finger

I have yet to make any progress with the book. The code is proving particularly obstinate – moreover, the text is presumably written in some ancient dialect. This does not make my task any easier. My Lingua Arcana is quite rusty. Perhaps I should attempt the Galharis decryption method…alas I cannot recall the opening sequence. If only I could find his book in the library! The “Summer 129 Mage & Druid Catalogue” has arrived! Fantastic!

Note: Ask Cookie to organize the books in the library in alphabetical order. I cannot work in this chaos!

15. Kuthar 129

Mild and cloudy
The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 4 fingers

Cookie found Galhari’s book jammed under the cellar door. Have no jammed a dissertation on “Alternative Approaches to Animal Metamorphosis” by my former pupil Walter under the door. I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me. I can no finally begin decrypting the book. Still plenty of work to do. I had almost forgotten how complex the Galharis method is. Have ordered new stuffed ravens from the Mage and Druid catalogue. They are a real bargain and the delivery is free of charge! Cookie can dispose of the old raven.

Note: Tell cookie to order the new Elven red wine (the cheap label for 2,95, not that expensive stuff from last time. After all, gold is the one thing I can’t make!)

18. Kuthar 129

Mild, windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Mother is visiting. Cookie forgot to remind me of her birthday. Good servants are so hard to find these days! I gave Cookie a good scolding while Mother looked on. Despite (or because of?) this, Mother is still sulking. Cookie is also in a foul temper. Not a good day. Just try making sense of women!!!

Note: Buy flowers for Mother and Cookie!

25. Kuthar 129

Mild and windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

New raven has arrived – I immediately threw the old one on the compost. New raven is most impressive!

Brought Mother her new flowers – she nattered on about her various ailments. Everything is back to normal then!

Received a letter from the academy… I am to be assigned a new apprentice this year – hopefully not another work-shy dunce!

Note: Tell Cookie to bring the textbooks up from the cellar.

3. Tyrbor 129

Sunny, cool
The temperature artifact reads 7 fingers

Hey presto! After 36 hours I finally decoded the entire text. It was indeed written in a very ancient from of Ethurian Lingua Arcana. But what a disappointment! The manuscript is simply a guide to decoding magically encrypted texts! Eighteen gold coins and all that work just to find out that someone discovered the Galharis Method before Galharis! Perhaps I can sell the manuscript to the academy, or to Galharis – if he is still alive. I have not heard from him for a long time now.

New apprentice arrives next week.

Note: Ask Cookie to clear out the attic!
Note: Ask Cookie to return “Alternative Approaches to Animal Metamorphosis” to the library and jam Galhari’s book under the cellar door!

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