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From the Books of Magic
Book 3

Ice Magic

"But master, why should I put this much effort into learning all these ice spells, when you can kill enemies with fire?"
"Fire resistant armor, efficient use of essences, special effectiveness against certain magical beings...I could lecture you indefinitely on the countless reasons. However, just to keep it simple... Have you ever smelled a charred Orc?"
---Dialogue between Ragnoir and his disciple

The destructive powers of Ice Magic are similar to those of Fire Magic, albeit many believe that Ice Magic is inferior to Fire Magic. The reason for this misconception is probably that most beings harbor a natural fear of fire while ice - although causing discomfort - is not being regarded as ultimately dangerous. This may hold true in nature, but if you ever witness an experienced ice magician in battle, you will most likely have a change of heart. Should you ever have the misfortune to be at the receiving end of an ice magician's wrath, you will unfortunately not have the opportunity to change your mind, though.

Ice Magic owes its destructive powers to the manifold of shapes that it may adopt, thus enabling it to penetrate even the smallest of gaps, cracks or seams of any type of armor. The magic iciness then has a paralytic or even lethal effect on almost all creatures.

On battle fields, the effects of ice spells that affect whole areas are most devastating. Ice shards are the perfect weapon to keep attackers at bay - they inflict injuries and the magic ice has extremely adverse effects on metal.

"The early morning fog was still lingering while the first faint sunbeams cast an almost surreal light on the field. The Orcs were closing ranks and stood there shield next to shield - an unusual display of discipline on their part. Rain clouds had approached from the east and when the Orc troops started to move, the first drops of rain fell, splashing onto the spiky armor of the green-skins.
Our army was by far outnumbered but we had taken up formation on top of a mound, ready to take advantage of our elevated position. When I noticed the raindrops I called for our battle mages, ordering them to spread out. Finally, the horn sounded and the Orcs began to charge. All battle mages cast their spells simultaneously. A fierce blizzard erupted and swept towards the Ores, transforming the raindrops into icy spikes. The fight was over before it had even begun. The Ores fell like grain during a storm. We did not lose a single warrior in this battle, but the Orcs' casualties were devastating. Those, who survived the initial wave suffered frostbites all over their bodies and many lost their eyesight due to the icy spikes. Never again did I win a battle with such ease, never again did I have to witness such devastating injuries among my enemies. Our empire owes this victory solely to Ice Magic. No legion of fire mages would have been able to succeed in this fashion."
---From the memoirs of Celirathian, General of the High Elves

Ice Magic is the best choice against creatures resistant or even immune to fire such as Dragons, Fire Demons or Lava Golems. Fire can not harm these beings, but they will suffer consider damage from cold.

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