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Poison Animation

Chance for Poison is a secondary damage effect, as well as one of the Detrimental magic effects. It can be triggered by doing poison.jpg Poison damage, either by

  • A Combat Art that does poison damage
  • A weapon with native poison damage on it
  • Having a Poison Fang forged within a weapon which will convert a portion of that weapon's physical damage into poison damage.

Only one Poison effect can be active on a monster at a time. The next time it is triggered, it will reset the timer. The enemy will not be afflicted with a double several DoT at once.

The chance to inflict Chance to Poison upon an enemy will increase the higher the relative % poison damage, or with this secondary effect forged into armor via jewelry.


  • vs monsters

When triggered, Poison will cause poisoning damage. The enemy will sustain five hits (each hit 1 second after the other), total damage of which is 20% of the poisoning blow's Poison damage composition. For example, if the hit dealt 100 damage of pure poison damage and triggered Poison, the enemy would take five hits of 20 damage each (100 damage over time in total). This percentage can be modified by Damage Lore skill mastery.

  • vs player

Damage of Secondary damage effects is calculated by the formula:

Total_damage * (100% - %_absorbed_by_armor) * (100% - %_Damage_mitigation) * Difficulty_multiplier

where Difficulty_multiplier = 0.65 (bronze); 0.85 (silver), 1.0 (gold); 3.3 (platinum); 3.63 (niobium).

For example, toxic cloud with 1000 poison damage on platinum VS 2000 poison armor and "Damage mitigation: Poison +20%" causes 1000 * (100% - 59%) * (100% - 20%) * 3.3 = 1000*0.41*0.8*3.3 = 1080 damage over time in total (in five pulses: 216 dam/sec)


In order to resist effect, players should look for items with the following modifiers:

  • Opponent's Chance to Poison - X%: Reduces the chance that opponents will Poison the player.
  • Damage over Time: Poison -X%: Reduces Poison duration (as well as total damage: for example, if incoming DoT was to inflict 250 damage for 5 seconds it would be decreased by "Damage over time:x -65%" to two seconds - 250 damage dealt by the first pulse and 187 damage a second later, summing up to 437 damage which is 35% of initial 1250).
  • Detrimental Magic Effects -X%: Reduces Poison duration (as well as total damage).
  • Spell Resistance skill mastery reduces Poison duration (as well as total damage).
  • Armor can reduce flat poison damage, which inflicts burning status: if character's armor absorbs 75% incoming damage, periodic damage caused by Poison will also inflict 75% less damage).
  • Damage Mitigation: Poison +X% modifier protects twice - first Damage Mitigation reduces incoming flat damage (periodic damage depends on how much damage the character has received), secondly DM reduces damage from incoming periodic damage (open wounds, burn, poison). For example, 50% Damage Mitigation reduces damage over time at 50%, and then another 50 %, a total of 75% mitigation. Modifier can stack with similar other without diminishing returns, so immunity can be achieved.
  • Recovery Elixir will also neutralize the damage from Poison.
  • If the defender's willpower value is too much, the damage dealt by Secondary Damage Effects would be noticeably reduced. It works only against Spell Damage Based Combat Arts that deal flat damage and have a chance for Secondary Damage Effects. If an attack inflicts such effect (for example, Burn effect from a Dragon's fireball or Poison from Kobold Shaman's projectiles) then the duration of effect on highly resistant character would be reduced. Therefore the detrimental effect deals only some % of its original damage.

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