Sacred 2:Desperately Seeking Golem

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Lahrian to discover his predicament and how you can help.


Fetch me the Ingredients Required to Summon a Golem.

Greetings, traveler! I am Lahrian, the Mage. Please forgive me if I do not rise to greet you, but my old bones have become weary, even more so when the weather is about to change. If only Bob were here. Silly Golem... He went too deep into the forest when he was looking for mushrooms. I presume the wolves have torn him apart. Strange, generally they avoid Golems. Anyway, I am left to my own devices again. Bob was my right hand, he would tdke on any task that I was unable to carry out. Sure, I could summon another Golem, but I am missing several vital ingredients. Would you mind fetching those for me? I don't require much, just two Kobold hearts, five wild boar tusks and four stones of earth elementals. If you were able to acquire those for me, I'd be eternally grateful. What do you say?


The 'hardest' part of this scavenger hunt tends to be the Wild Boar tusks. The best option is to travel to the Western Tyr Lysia portal and then head back south until you have collected enough. If you do not have that portal active, head north along the road until you collect enough and then head back.

Kobold Stone Throwers drop the hearts you need - you can find plenty near the Golden Coast Resurrection Monument, or on the trail to the Forgotten Gardens/Seraphim Valley.

Plenty of Small Earth Elementals can also be found in the Seraphim Valley. You can also find them east of Lahrian house along the beach.

As soon as you have all of your ingredients return to Lahrian to complete the quest.


Oh, you have returned already? I keep forgetting how swift you young people are. Did you find everything! Aaah, yes! Well done! Thank you, you are truly a life-saver. And before I forget... Here is your reward. I hope it will serve you well.


Logbook Entry


  • Although you have to complete the quest Lahrian is Missing in order to access this quest, the two quests are not part of a chain (according to the quest log).
  • There is a movie titled Desperately Seeking Susan. Were the developers thinking of that movie when they created this quest?