Sacred 2:Dirty Streets

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Robert One-Eye to learn about the Iron Blaze gang.


Break up the Iron Blaze Gang and kill their leader!

We're offering a lot of gold for a small favor. Just go and kill a few long-ears, understand? The Iron Blaze Gang's den is in an abandoned warehouse at the docks. We'll pay you well, if you kill their Elf leader. We're "concerned citizens", that's all. The Elves have just landed a major coup, so they should all be down there celebrating. The more you kill the better, but the important one is their leader. You got it?


Head to the south part of the slums, then east out onto a small dirt track. Follow this track northeast, then continue northeast until you reach the small clearing where the Iron Blaze gang are camped.

All the gang members are quest marked, but you only have to kill the Leader of the Iron Blaze Gang. Once he’s dead, pick up his head and return to Robert One-Eye for your reward.


Good work. They won't be poaching around here anymore. Here's your gold. And now get lost. We are busy.


Logbook Entry


  • Note: Although Robert One-Eye says the gang's warehouse is at the docks, the gang are actually to the east of the slums area between the slums and the Sea of Heavens.
  • This quest is shadow path only.