Sacred 2:Down in the Sewers

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  • Quest Objective: Eliminate the Kobolds in the sewers
  • Quest Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Quest Giver: Tobias Sewer
  • Location(s): Thylysium
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Gold

Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Tobias Sewer.
  • Kill 10 Kobold Warriors in the sewers.
  • Talk to Tobias Sewer.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Tobias Sewer to learn that Kobolds have moved into the sewers.


Drive the Kobolds from the sewers!

You look as if you might be able to help me. I work down in the sewers. Not the most attractive of professions true, but you know what they say: It has to be done. Unfortunately, a few days ago some Kobolds began to settle down there, and now I don’t dare to go back. Would you take care of that for me?


Head into the sewers via the entrance Tobias Sewer is standing next to. Although the Kobold Warriors do move around, they are usually found along the route shown in the map below. There are plenty of Rats in the sewers as well, and both they and the Kobold Warriors and other Kobolds have varying amounts of poison defense, so any weapon except a poison-dealing weapon is best.

Once all ten Kobold Warriors are dead, retrace your steps and leave the sewer, then talk to Tobias for your reward.


Thanks a lot! Finally, I can do my work again and the town will not be swamped with stinking sewage.


Logbook Entry


  • Tip: Sometimes one of the Kobold Warriors will have wandered onto the bridge across the circular area; if you find yourself a Kobold Warriors short on reaching the end of the route on the map, check your radar for quest marked enemies as you retrace your steps.