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People say that this soldier was a brave one and one of the best in his unit. But one day, when his fort was attacked by numerous Kobolds, he was one of the few soldiers who were left to defend the outpost. He didn't make it to the end of the battle. The brave ones always fall first, while the cowards are hiding behind their backs... Later a hero came to assist elven soldiers in their fight, and together they managed to protect the fort. There isn't much you can do for a dying man, but maybe you'd be able to grant his last wish.



  • Dying Soldier is quest giver for the Light Path only quest One Last Plea.


  • This soldier appears only after you talk to the Guardsman, who stands down the road, and accept the Cut Off quest. Therefore he won't appear in the Mutiplayer mode.
  • Since his quest was added to the game with the Community Patch, this soldier and his comrades-in-arms from Cut Off quest won't appear if you don't have the patch installed.