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Reference: Geography of Ancaria, Book 4: Dyr Lain

Geography and climate

The island of Dyr Lain lies in the middle of the Jade Sea. It has often and quite rightfully been described as paradise. Waves roll gently over white beaches, colorful birds sing in trees that carry all kinds of fruit. The water of the many small rivers is so clear that it is almost invisible if one is more than a few steps away, and the dark blue surfaces of the lakes and ponds sparkle in the sunlight. The climate is generally pleasant and slightly humid. There is a short rainy season in spring and a longer one in the fall.

Inhabitants: The Dryads

The Dryads are descendants of the ancient Elves of the south, but have long since developed their own distinct and independent culture. They live as one with nature. Their settlements consist of tree houses, their gardens are renowned in all of Ancaria. Especially the citizens of Thylysium value the sweet fruits that grow there and are willing to pay quite extraordinary prices for them. The Dryads don't care about money. They only grow as much as seems appropriate to them.

For a very long time the Dryads lived alone on their island, shying away from contact with the outside world. But after monsters started attacking them, they allowed a few Elves to build a settlement called Aerendyr in the south of the island. They have come to regret this decision because Aerendyr seems to poison the whole island. Maybe this experience is responsible for the reserved manner with which the Dryads approach strangers. They welcome them to their villages, but engaging a Dryad in a conversation beyond a simple greeting is quite difficult. One can only get to know them better by sharing their belief in Kybele, Goddess of nature and by helping them take care of the fauna and flora of the island. Travelers who have sufficient time should not miss this opportunity as the Dryads have a lot to say. Their wisdom will come as a surprise to those who dismiss them as "plant whisperers" and "fruit huggers".


It is customary to plant the stones from fruits one has eaten and to take care of the plants that grow from them. Visitors are expected to give these stones to Dryads, so that they can take care of them instead.


It is considered extremely rude to cut off a woman in mid sentence. Some people claim that Dyr-Lain is the chattiest place in all of Ancaria.

Places to see

There are no places to see on Dyr-Lain, the whole island is worth seeing. One can spend weeks admiring the beauty of the many gardens and the gracefulness of the animals that inhabit them. A visit to the capital Dyr-Laigh is a must. No other place in Ancaria shows such a perfect harmony between nature and architectural artistry. There are no sharp comers in this city, no straight lines, no right angles. Everything is smooth and rounded and the colors of the building and even those of the Dryads' clothing is reflected in the surrounding plants. Dyr-Laigh is a fascinating city, unfortunately the night life leaves a lot to be desired.

Full List of Places


Ancestral Chamber

Brigand Camp (Dyr Lain)


Crystal Cavern








Old Abandoned Mine

Slain Anthaigh

Slain Athai


  • Dyr Lain lies in the middle of the Jade Sea
  • Elves settlement called Aerendyr in the south of the island
  • Belief in Kybele, Goddess of nature
  • Capital is Dyr-Laigh.
  • Dryads are descendants of the ancient Elves

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