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Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Region: Bengaresh Desert

Battle Notes

  • Racial Type: Demon
  • Flame Sprites have bonus fire damage on their attacks, however due to their AI they won't use melee attacks, only spells.
  • Flame Sprites have additional damage mitigation against fire damage. They also have hidden sensitivity to ice damage.
  • All Flame Sprites are normal-class enemies. There are no elites.

Special Abilities:

  • Fire Skin - an orange permanent buff similar in appearance to Warmth that causes pulses of fire damage.
  • Fire Bolt - similar in appearance to the Sorceress's spell of the same name, this launches an orange bolt that inflicts fire and physical damage. It is a homing missile so it is almost impossible to dodge.
  • Wake of Inferno - similar to the Assassin's spell of the same name, causes volcanic vents to open up around the player's feet that cause pulses of fire damage for 8 seconds. Cooldown 30s.
    • Sorceresses take special note! Flame Sprites can use their Wake of Inferno spell to cancel out the Sorceress's Frost Nova if the Sorceress's spell is too low level. With a high enough level of Frost Nova, the Sorceress can turn the tables and cancel out the Flame Sprite's spell instead.

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