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The Frustrated Archaeologist is an NPC related to the Unique Mounts quest of Sacred 2. He is found at Urthak's Moxie, east of Orcish Byway in the North Western Artamark sitting in some tall grass against the outer wall of a building there. His main purpose in life is to direct you on your journey to completing the Unique Mounts quest. He's a bit down and probably because he lost his Map to the Island of Mounts. It's up to you to bring it back to him! Once you have he will show you the way to Mount Island on your map. You will then be able to take any ship to the newly marked ship on your map in the Dragon Sea. There you will meet Hugard who will continue the journey and help you complete the Unique Mounts quest. But first. You'll need to talk to his sister, Archaeologist's Sister, in order to get the quest started. Talk to her and she will then direct you to speak to this Frustrated Archaeologist.

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