Sacred 2:Greedy Rodents

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Detailed Walkthrough

Having a walk around Black Oaks town you meet farmer who looks very worried about something. You ask the man and he explains he has a rabbit plague in his fields, and they are harvesting his carrot crops on their own way.


Chase off the rabbits!

There! Another half eaten carrot! These blasted rabbits dig up my carrots, nibble on them and then leave them lying there. They should at least eat the whole thing, but no - they only eat the tips! I can't sell them, and I can't even look at carrot stew anymore! Please! Chase off these rodents for me! I would do it myself, but those little critters are too fast!


The guy looks so desperate that you decide to offer your help. Those evil creatures are too fast for a farmer, but just a game for a trained warrior. You spend some minutes chasing rabbits through the farm fields, killing almost a dozen of them.

After picking up those little beasts corpses you walk back to Leonard's farm.

Leonard is very happy you killed so many rabbits from his fields. At least he will be able to sell his carrots from now on!


Ha! That'll teach those little pests! Thank you! Here's your reward!


Quest Enemies


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Quest:Greedy Rodents

Quest Location: Black Oaks in Artamark

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