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Guarding a big castle that towers up the buildings of Griffinborough surely is not an easy job. The guards here need to keep the thieves away and to comply with high standarts of the visiting nobles. However, somebody has to do this job. Guard Jones is exactly this somebody. Usually he does his job quite well, but recently Jones got a new trouble to worry about. The castle is plagued with Rats and nobody can do a thing about these rodents. To make the things even worse, the Count wants to visit Griffinborough and stay in the castle... Now Jones needs to find a way to exterminate all the rats and to do it fast.



  • Guard Jones is quest giver for the Hunt for Rats quest. He is also a hireling that will accompany you in this mission.

A Hireling

While completing the Hunt for Rats quest, you'd have to fight together with Guard Jones. There are also five Soldiers of Griffinborough under his command, and they all would join your character as hirelings.
Below you can find a description of Jones as a hireling. See a description of other Soldiers on their respective page.

  • Guard Jones is immortal due to the fact that enemies never attack him, even if he hits the enemy.
  • He is a fighting hireling. He can hit and damage an enemy, but that enemy won't fight back.
  • He is a close combat fighter equipped with one-handed sword.
  • He would attack any enemy is sight, but the only enemies in the castle where you meet him are quest rats anyway.


  • Since his quest was added to the game with the Community Patch, Guard Jones won't appear if you don't have the patch installed.
  • After the quest completion Jones seems to stay wherever he was when you talked to him for the last time.