Sacred 2:Her Last Will

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to the Sick Woman
  • Escort the woman to the northern sea
  • Talk back to the Sick Woman for your reward

Detailed Walkthrough

You travel along the East-Skookemchuck river and you find a small cottage where a woman is making some signs to you. You stop to see what she has to tell you and you find yourself into a delicate situation: the woman is very sick, and she feels her life is coming to an end. She was told of the sea when she was a child but she never saw it, and she asks you to take her to the sea before the death takes her away.


Take me to the sea.

Sorry for being so forward, but I don't have long to live. I get weaker every day and I can feel death approaching. I have one last wish! When I was a child my mother told me about the sea, about the waves, the seagulls, the beaches, the surf and the wind. I'd like to see the sea with my own eyes, but I don't even know where it is. Would you take me there?


As long as the sea is not far from here, you decide to please her last will and escort her to the sea. You travel towards north, crossing the East-Skookemchuck and following the riverside until you arrive to a cottage near the sea.

Next to the cottage there's a very beautiful beach where the woman will have her last will accomplished. You stay with the woman for a while, then she gives you a small reward and asks you to leave her alone. She is pleased now waiting for the death in the beach, so you'd better leave her alone and find other adventures in Ancaria.


This is it. It's even more beautiful than I expected. Please take this. It's not much, I know.

I will just sit on the beach here. Now I can die in peace.

Thank you and goodbye.


Quest Enemies

Hirelings and Escorts

  • Sick Woman - Escort. Immortal. Tries to escape the fight.

Logbook Entry


  • The player has to escort the sick woman traveling always towards north, till reaching a small cottage with a merchant.