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In High Elf Outpost 5 you can find the below services. See Map Icons:




This small fort can be found in the northern part of Tyr Lysia, far from all big elven cities. However, the mountains here are reach with ore, so several mines were established in this area. Maybe this fort was initially built to protect the miners from bandits and brigands, but now the soldiers spend their days fighting various Kobolds, who became extremely multiple recently. Even though the fort has a very beneficial location on the top of a high rock and can be only accessed through one bridge, its defenders have hard times protecting this outpost. The elves here are totally outnumbered by nasty little humanoids, so every brave warrior who happens to pass by would be asked for help.

Locate this High Elf Outpost on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's

All quests that can be found in this outpost were added to the game with the Community Patch In the current version of Community Patch all these quests and NPCs are only available in Single Player mode

Side Quests

  • Commander: Involved in the Cut Off quest. He would give some tasks of this mission. He would only appear after you accept the Cut Off quest.
  • Dying Soldier: Quest giver for the Light Path only quest One Last Plea. He would only appear after you accept the Cut Off quest.
  • Guardsman: Quest giver for the Cut Off quest and a hireling involved in this mission.
  • Injured Soldier: Quest giver for the Shadow Path only quest From Cold Dead Hands. He would only appear if you successfully complete first two logical parts of the Cut Off quest.
  • Guardsman: Involved in the Cut Off quest as a hireling. He would only appear after you complete some parts of the quest.


This outpost is located in northern part of Tyr Lysia, quite far from all big cities. It is located next to the Derelict Manor and not so far from Benny's Corn Circles, so it would be convenient to visit the outpost right after these places.

For the traveller who doesn't plan to stop in other places, the most convenient way to get there would be a monolith next to the outpost.

If this monolith is not active, it is also possible to use the monolith in the Outpost of High Elven Inquisition and travel north-east.

Another option is to use the monolith or portal in Clearview, that happens to be the closest town, and travel north-west. But this road is not very safe, since it lies next to the Undead Legion outposts.


The soldiers of this fort are fighting various Kobolds every day. The one who plans to visit this outpost would also have to encounter countless Kobolds, Kobold Warriors, Kobold Shamans, Kobold Stone Throwers and Kobold Archers. Some Wild Boars may also be found there.

A person who travels a bit west or south of this outpost would also encounter Undead Legionnaires, Undead Tribunes, Undead Legion Mages and Skeleton Archers.

Interesting Photos

View from the Monolith
Road to the Fort
Camp and Mine entrance
The Bridge
Observation Tower
Defenders of the Fort