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How to Beguile Aristocrats: Princes

How to Beguile Aristocrats


“Oh, my hero” or “How to beguile noble men”

Farmers, herders, farmhands – girls in the country don’t have much of a choice. Perhaps they wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for those aristocrats in their nice clothing with golden embroidery, riding their noble horses or taking their women for a drive in their carriages. Every girl starts to dream of a better life when she sees one of them in the distance while herding the goats, but only a few try to realize their dream. For those who have made the decision to flee their boring life in the country there are only three practicable things they have to think about: Who? Where? How?

1. Who?

This question mostly depends on how far you are willing to go. If you are a girl who doesn’t look like if the bull sat on your face there are several possibilities: an old noble widower, a fat and unimposing one or a young and good-looking fellow. They all have their advantages. The old aristocrat won’t live much longer, but you shouldn’t underestimate the intrigues his descendants will start to get rid of an unwanted rival for the expected inheritance. In these circles people don’t think twice about hiring poisoners or skilled assassins. The unimposing noble will certainly live longer, but he could turn out to be the right choice and it’s also quite possible to meet him in the tavern next door – but keep in mind that this man usually doesn’t have much in the way of coins in his pocket. Of course you don’t long for riches, but for a young aristocrat who will pour gifts upon you and whose sight you can stand the whole day without having the impulse to close your eyes.

2. Where?

Most country girls know which taverns the nobles meet in before or after their hunting trips, to drink and to boast of their deeds. At first glance this looks like the perfect place for a meeting, but that’s not true: All girls who sit in these taverns hope for the same, and all these nobles know that. They have the free choice, which is not good if you think you’d be the right choice for that man.

It’s much better to go into the forest where they are hunting and act as if you’ve sprained your ankle. A feigned attack is also quite helpful to attract the attention of the mercy of some nobles. The exact details of this made-up situation depend on your fantasy and on your acting talents. The most important thing is to look helpless, but not stupid. Should you be lucky enough to descend from a simple, but intact family (that maybe even owns a little farm), you should ask the noble to take you home on his horse. Aristocrats mostly descend from families in which the sons kill each other to get the inheritance for themselves. A friendly family and a house in which the knives just lay on the table without being used for deadly deeds will soften the heart of most nobles. If you live in a stable with the goats and the pigs by your side it’s better to invent a stern father and to keep the noble away from your home.

3. How?

Simplicity, naivety and honesty – these are the three characteristics a noble doesn’t see in the woman of his social circles. If you possess these traits, or can even fake them convincingly, your journey into the castles shouldn’t take very long. Don’t overplay it though, a noble with good intentions could come to the opinion that it would be better to deny love because otherwise this innocent and simple girl would have to endure the intrigues of the rich. You’ll need some good instincts in this area. You should leave all praise to the noble and you should blush when he compliments you. You can practice turning scarlet in front of a mirror or a smooth water surface. It’s much easier than you think. Once you’ve finally arrived at the castle you should be very careful: When you are insulted (and you notice it) you should just smile, and if you’re unsure if you just heard a rude remark you should just gently bend your head. Always be nice to the housemaids and servants, because they know a lot more than anybody else. Aristocracy is like a snake pit: Only snakes can survive here 0 and the mongoose that jumps in briefly to catch what it wants.

Every girl should decide for herself if she wants to be a snake or a mongoose.

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