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Interesting Facts about Ancaria
How to Beguile Aristocrats: Princesses

How to Beguile Aristocrats


“Your eyes are like the stars in the night” or “How to beguile noble women”

Not every man who grows up with pigs and chickens plans to stay there for the rest of his life, and many a farmer’s son has stood yearningly in front of a palace or a castle. These places are reserved for the people of Ancaria who became powerful and rich through the labor of others: the aristocrats.

How nice it would be to walk through the marble halls and to eat with golden cutlery. But he only sees the nobles when they gallop past him on their horses, raising dust for him to swallow. Luckily for the young farmer, and for everyone who strives for more than he has, there are some tricks that can help you get to know and to even fall in love with a noble woman.

1. To meet aristocrats

Of course you can’t meet a princess at the wine press as you would Martha, the wine maker’s daughter. They mostly look for quiet and peaceful places where their fathers can hunt and talk about politics while the girls listen to the musicians and cause confusion among their house maidens. The potential suitor has to keep in mind that the thing a young noble woman hates most isn’t the shaking plague or the war but boredom. He must entertain her to win her heart.

In the beginning it’s enough to appear near her a few times while doing an arduous job that she would never see a noble man doing – like chopping wood or tending the fisher nets. The arduous nature of the work allows you to cool yourself by removing the clothing from the upper part of your body- do it no matter what the weather conditions are! It doesn’t hurt to oil you chest and arms too.

Depending on how bored the girls is, it shouldn’t take longer than two encounters until the noble woman addresses the suitor. Many men fear this moment, but don’t worry, the situation isn’t that difficult to handle.

2. How to address a noble woman

First of all you should not greet her – wait until she speaks to you. Your answer should be as short as possible, and it is advisable to refrain from jokes, offensive remarks and too much information about yourself. The less she knows, the more interesting you are to her. As a rule of thumb you can answer everyone hundred words of hers with ten of your own. This may seem difficult, but you’ll soon notice that your remarks are unnecessary as they are unwanted. Noble women are used to having the attention and not to listening to other people.

The first and of course secret meetings should take place at a small and secluded location with a romantic atmosphere. A small lake with some trees, or another similar place, to give her the impression that the simple people know secrets she never imagined. But you have to keep her away from the simple people at all costs! Marakus the swineherd maybe a good companion, but he shouldn’t get to know your new friend. You should also deny her desire to meet your parents. It’s recommended to say that you were found lying in a small basked as a child, or that you were abandoned and raised by wolves.

3. How to get an invitation

Did you pass the inspection of the first meetings by showing no interest in her way of life? Ignore every reference to her wealth, and then she will think you’re not interested in mundane things and that you’d prefer to live in a simple cottage in the woods. Sooner or later she’ll find it irresistible to introduce her unpolished diamond to her friends (who she’ll see as quite decadent by now). This would be the perfect moment for some compliments! Use them sparingly and refer to natural things – but be wary of mistakes like comparing her eyes to those of Better the cow.

If you follow this simple advice, the gates of the castle will be open for you in no time, and you’ll never have to spend another night in the mosquito-ridden forest behind the barn.

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