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  • Enemy Type: Kobold
  • Family: Earth Spirit
  • Behavior: Social among themselves, hostile towards almost anybody larger than themselves, allied with Trolls
  • Distribution: Northwest Ancaria
  • Population: Very High
  • Size: Tiny
  • Power: Weak
  • Attitude: Chaotic-evil
  • Quote: "Grab 'em and hack 'em!"
Kobold Heraldry

Kobolds are mean little pests infesting the western regions of Ancaria. Treacherous, cunning and unscrupulous, they will always defend the territory they currently consider their own. They are also big cowards, avoiding direct confrontations whenever they can and preferring to fight with superior numbers or in ambushes - both, if possible.

Kobolds live together in clans and tribes, worshiping idols and totems – or the stuff currently boiling in the pots on their fires. Often their clans are at loggerheads. Fights and skirmishes are the order of the day. But when facing a common enemy, they fight side by side.

Kobolds can be found scattered throughout the entire region of Tyr Lysia, though they have their highest populations in the west of this region. They can also be found in the western regions of Nor Plat, often in the company of Trolls. Ice Kobolds are present on Christmas Island in small numbers, and a sharp-eyed tracker may even find Kobold tracks in the Crystal Plane region.

In the pre-release materials Kobolds were known as "Leprechauns."

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