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Damage Types:

  • None

Weakest Against:

Region: Cursed Forest
Nearby: Bloodwood

Battle Notes

  • Racial Type: Demon
  • Mage's Curses don't actually attack the player or cause any damage. They simply fly to the player's location and disrupt their combat art regeneration with their Energy Annihilation buff.
  • Mage's Curses are very fast and are immune to fear so they're difficult to avoid. The best strategy is to find some way to kill them with a ranged attack before they get close. They are not difficult to kill.
  • Mage's Curses are all normal-class enemies; there are no elites.

Special Abilities:

  • Energy Annihilation - a buff which disrupts the player's regeneration times. If the player is in melee range, all their combat arts go on regeneration periodically. Blue lines leeching energy are visible each time it hits (about once per second).

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