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Together with Mathilda and Lena, Theresa was once a maid in Chuck Latbar's house. But her master deceived her as well as the other maids. He didn't want to take care of the women he seduced nor of the children he fathered. He just wanted to get rid of them and was cruel enough to sell them to the Kobold Chieftain... Now these maids, with Mathilda being their leader, want to fight for their future. Would you help them to succeed?



An Escort

While completing The Farm Owner quest, you'd have to escort Maid Theresa. Here is her description as an escort:

  • She is an escort who tries to escape the fight and therefore would try to run away from enemies.
  • She can be considered immortal, since enemies simply don't pay attention to her.


  • She appears only if you have Community patch installed.
  • She would appear only after you accept the quest she is involved in.
  • She doesn't offer you a dialog and would accompany you together with Maid Mathilda.
  • After the quest completion she can be found walking the streets of Sloeford.