Sacred 2:Paralyzing Dread

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14.gif Slows down all attacks by opponents in the vicinity of the Inquisitor.


INQ_Asp_03.png - Nefarious Netherworld

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1)


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MODicons_12.gif Bronze

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Decrepit - Reduces attack speed even more. (19.8% + 0.2% per CA level decrease / 50% increase from base value)
  • Demoralize - Adds a chance to instill fear into opponents and make them run away for a brief period. (20% chance)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
Paralyzing Dread without Modifications

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

The following attributes will affect this combat art:

  • Stamina will lower regeneration time

Usage Strategies

  • Note: this skill has a bug in the console version where it will cause any bonus that negatively effects the enemy on the player's armor such as "-opponents defense%", to be applied to the player when paralyzing dread is cast.

Pros and Cons


  • NOT a stationary effect, surrounds the Inquisitor and works in-motion as a temporary buff
  • ...


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Stats Chart

Level Regeneration Time Cooldown Duration Opponent's Attack Speed
1 1.5s 60.0s 20.0s -33.7%
2 2.0s 60.0s 20.1s -34.2%

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