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This patch is obsolete. Use Patch 2.40.0 on a fresh install of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Patch Notes

  • The performance has been significantly optimized.
  • The game balancing, and the AI has been enhanced.
  • The Drop rate of opponents has been improved (higher probability to Drop)
  • An auto-update tool is now available.
  • Several bugs have been fixed in the lobby area
  • The quest system was significantly improved(dialogues and Quest texts optimized).
  • The performance of the Main Menu has been improved.
  • When pressed the Alt key will now show the name of dropped items and all NPC and character names.
  • The Quick Save feature has been optimized! Characters are saved when you press the F9 key.
  • When the F12 key is pressed the player will be transported to the location of the last activated Monolith.
  • The sound FX is optimized.
  • The game now uses the medium settings as default.
  • The quest log now has a better overview.
  • When you mouseover the life bar of an NPC companion, the associated quest's title will be displayed on the NPC's health bar.
  • The side quest compass remains fixed now, even if new side-quests are accepted.
  • The number of escort quests is now limited to 5 per character.
  • The strength of the Boss and Elite opponents has been somewhat reduced.
  • The combat animations of the heroes have been further optimized.
  • Many more set and unique items were added.
  • Prices have been generally adjusted. The prices for mounts have been reduced.
  • The prices for forged weapons and ingredients have been reduced.
  • In cities and towns attacks are no longer possible (safe zone).
  • A hardware cursor has been inserted.
  • Other various bug fixes have been made.
  • Closed Net Server 3> 6 Slots
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