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This patch is obsolete. Use Patch 2.40.0 on a fresh install of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

This update includes the following changes :

   * Some players suffered lags while clicking on NPC’s and objects since hotfix 2. This has been fixed. 
   * Under specific circumstances it could happen that a savegame overwrote another character. This has been fixed. 
   * Sometimes players were not able to join servers, and getting the message that there was a version conflict incorrectly. This has been fixed. 
   * It is now possible to use the character slots [8] and above in closedNet Lobby. 
   * Some cases, in which quests that require a certain amount of collected items didn’t grant enough items have been improved. 
   * The function of [f12] has been improved. [f12] now teleports the character to the resurrection point. This works for both singleplayer and multiplayer. 
   * Quests, in which a certain amount of items must be collected, sometimes didn’t grant enough items to be collected. This has been fixed. 
   * The side quest arrow does not point to completed side quests anymore. 
   * The removal of the fog of war has been improved. 
   * In multiplayer campaign servers it was possible that the progress of the server was interfered with by clients who accomplished side quests. This has been fixed. 
   * Corpses no longer block projectiles. 
   * Mounts sometimes lost XP after exit/load. This has been fixed. 
   * An occasional problem with sounds on the 5.1-subwoofer-channel has been fixed. 
   * An exploit with hero statues has been closed. 
   * An exploit with which the smith could be used to duplicate items has been closed. 
   * An exploit with which the buddy list could be used to duplicate items has been closed. 
   * A redundant window concerning the connection to the chat server has been removed. 
   * Hotfix 3 introduces an auto-updater that will facilitate future updates. 
   * Hotfix 3 can be downloaded via the homepage manually or by executing the “sacred2updater.exe” located in the root-folder of the game.
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